I belong to the world: Letter of love to all expats out there


Some days I feel that I don’t belong here. And then I remind myself that I don’t belong anywhere anymore.

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Immigration to Canada: Interview & Quebec Selection Certificate

Hey there, I’m back with another piece of my immigration process story.

Initial application and documents required: Read Here

In October 2011 I received a letter confirming the registration of my file. This is a sad part – despite my expectations on the process timeline (interview invitation usually arrives 8-10 months after the file registration), my invitation came only (!) in March 2013 or 17 months later. To be honest, by that time I lost most of my hope to ever get any communication from Canadian government, and was thinking about looking for other options on immigration. Of course, I was beyond happy when I received that e-mail. They told me my interview was scheduled for June, 6th 2013.

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Immigration to Canada: Application for Quebec Selection Certificate

Oh, Canada!

My road to getting Canadian Permanent Residence started in 2011 and it took me almost exactly 3 years to get the landing visa and become eligible to enter Canada as an immigrant and later receive my 5-year PR card. And while there are many websites and blogs that provide you with a detailed documents checklist and right ways of filling out those forms, I would like to share the timelines of this process, how I stayed in contact with the immigration offices, what did go wrong, and of course preparations for landing, possible issues at the border and first steps I took after coming to Canada.

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