Chocolate Mint Souffle (make-ahead recipe)

Chocolate Mint Souffle

Chocolate Mint Souffle

Fancy a restaurant-like dessert at home? Want to surprise your friends or family at dinner? Craving some airy light chocolate souffle with a hint of mint freshness? Looking for an after-dinner dessert just for two people? Then you came to the right place :)

I’ve tried to make this chocolate souffle at home before, but I couldn’t understand the time-management of this chocolate goodness.. This dessert has to be served right out of the oven because after 3-5 minutes it will start to “fall down”. So how to serve it after dinner without any messy preparations? The answer is easy – make-ahead easy chocolate souffle recipe! The batter for this souffle was prepared in advance and stored in the fridge for 4 hours, then poured into ramekins after dinner, baked for 13 minutes and served perfectly hot and high with vanilla ice-cream. Next time we have some friends over for dinner I’ll know how to surprise them without too much effort :)

This chocolate souffle is different from chocolate fondant or lava cake, it’s extremely airy and bubbly, it is light and melts in your mouth instantly and doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve just eaten an enormous piece of chocolate cake. It’s almost a guilt-free pleasure ;)

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