Home workouts – #bootylicious edition

Fitness thigh butt exercises

At the end of April I have reengaged in my weekly workouts at home. I do not focus on HIIT anymore. Last year a combination of 7-min bodyweight workouts and a drastic change in my eating habits had helped me to lose around 10 kilos and ever since, I feel great.

Now I am more concentrated on toning my legs and glutes and hopefully building some muscle in the area. It is only the 3rd week of my new training (2-3 times per week, 25-30 minutes), but I feel how every week the same exercises and reps become easier to perform, so even though there’s no visual result yet, I can tell it is working.

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Fit + healthy body = clear and happy mind

Fresh Orange

Hi all,

The summer is approaching and on my blog stats I’ve noticed how my posts on 7-minutes-workout and bodyweight exercises that helped me lost weight and get in a better shape are simply booming :)

So I think it will be a good time to remind those who are looking for a new diet, intensive workouts at home or simply just a motivation – everything is possible if you believe in yourself! 10-15 minutes of intense bodyweight workout at home even without any equipment, big changes in your meals and a positive mindset are all you need to START changing. Here are some short advice I can give you:

  • Be consistent in your choices and exercises to see results
  • Don’t create excuses, look for strength inside of you to exercise
  • Don’t give up if you’ve a had a little set back – every day is a new opportunity to start changing
  • Read the description – check if that one “healthy” granola bar has more sugar than you should consume per week
  • It doesn’t matter how long are your trainings, as long as they are regular and intense
  • When your muscles burn – that’s when it’s working
  • Eat clean, drink lots of water and exercise
  • Don’t create restrictions, don’t starve yourself, treat yourself to some of your favourite sweets sometimes, but make sure that’s a treat, not a daily habit
  • Don’t blame people or circumstances – you are responsible for your body and choices
  • Little exercise is much better than no exercise at all. Remember that and feel proud of yourself even after 15 min of intense training
  • Don’t drink sweet cocktails and liquors, drink a glass of dry wine instead
  • Every food or drink that is too sweet, bubbly and has an artificial color has a lot of chemicals in it
  • Eat regularly and eat breakfast to boost your metabolism
  • Eat more meat and vegetables and less carbs

Please check the Fitness motivation section for some more posts.

Sport, Healthier choices and Weight loss

To start changing… you have to start changing! As easy as it gets. Old habits will not bring you to new results. Yes, there are things you’ll have to sacrifice – pastry, sugar, fried potatoes, alcohol… But the good news is you don’t have to forget about those forever! I LOVE CHOCOLATE! No, you don’t get it, I can exchange all of the food in the world for chocolate cookie or a piece of chocolate sponge cake, so believe me I know how to fight the urge to eat the whole box of chocolate cookies in one sitting, in the evening, in front of TV. And I LOVE french fries too. But I hate what it does to my body.

It will take at least 2 months for people around you to see the great change in you.

But it will take only 7-10 first days for YOU to start seeing it.

Fried chicken, strawberries, tomatoes, rocket salad, sunflower seeds
Fried chicken, strawberries, tomatoes, rocket salad, sunflower seeds

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Exercise of the Week: Hip Bridge

It has been a couple of weeks since I’ve written about my favourite exercises that helped me to get in shape.

Yes, we just love those squats and all the hassle-free muscle training they are providing, but once in a while everybody wants to play a bit with their routines and add new easy-to-do-at-home exercises that isolate glutes and give them a good training.

This week it’s a hip bridge, hip raise or butt lift!

With just a mat or a carpet on the floor you are able to easily train your glutes muscles at home! No equipment required :)

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Exercise of the Week: Squats

It has been a long week and I feel bad to say I forgot about my home workouts for the whole week. We were moving to a new flat and I simply didn’t have time or energy to exercise due to all the cleaning, moving furniture, grocery shopping, furniture shopping, home appliances shopping etc. But I think I burnt some good calories this week anyway. Let me tell you that because for 3 previous months I kept doing my exercises daily and eating healthy, this week of a setback didn’t really show on my body.

Now, in a new home and in the beginning of a new week, I’m back to my daily routine and this week’s favourite exercise is S-Q-U-A-T-S. It used to be said that squats are mainly male exercise but gladly for us the sports fashion changed and now most of the training websites, videos and Instagram pages are flooded with motivational pictures of round sexy butts to motivate us and start doing squats :)

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Exercise of the Week: Lunges


Lunges seem so easy to do at first, but.. killed my legs yesterday with Reverse Curtsy Lunges. What IS this exercise? 2 minutes without a break made me feel like I ran half an hour on a treadmill! I’m definitely adding them to my daily HIIT routine.

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7-min-workout Experiment and more

In the beginning of June I was looking for ways to incorporate sport and healthier choices into my life and I ran across an article about the high-intensity 7 minute workout that has been making its way through the world, with scientists saying this little time spent exercising can be just as effective as an hour of running. And I thought to myself – why not make an experiment? If I can’t commit to spending 7 minutes a day for exercises, what good can I say about myself? Simultaneously, I started reading about healthy diets for reducing body fat and boosting my metabolism.

Little exercise is much better than no exercise at all – every day is an opportunity to start changing

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