About expectations…


One full year spent in Turkey.

I go from being totally overwhelmed and excited to being completely antisocial and alienated. Last night having a conversation with a fellow expat in Bursa I got to thinking that not having any expectations is the best way to start building your experience in a new culture and new society.

Let’s think of it like building a house with little LEGO bricks. But let’s say that the box with the bricks does not indicate whether they are colourful or black, square or rectangular, moreover it doesn’t say how many pieces are inside, what age is appropriate for using it and it doesn’t give you even a little glimpse or idea of what you can build from it. Yes, you go online and you search for blogs with instructions, you read through thousands of DIYs, you register on websites that say “the easiest way to build stuff from LEGO bricks”.. but you still don’t know what can you build from it.

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I belong to the world: Letter of love to all expats out there


Some days I feel that I don’t belong here. And then I remind myself that I don’t belong anywhere anymore.

Funny thing about being an expat, running away from a well-ordered life at home to face new adventure, new cultures, new difficulties. For people like us there’s never enough of the world.  Continue reading

How to get Short-Term Residence Permit in Turkey

I read a lot of articles on the Internet telling how difficult it is to get a Residence Permit in Turkey, and I strongly disagree! :)

Comparing to other countries, the procedure and timeline is much much more shorter and easier, but it’s the absence of system whatsoever that creates chaos and makes you feel like you’re facing the most difficult and tangled foreign system in the world. But hold on, and after you will receive your paper permit just 2 weeks after you application, I am sure you will not complain anymore :)

I will give you the list of documents required to apply for the short-term residence permit in Bursa, Turkey as of August 2014. The thing is that information on websites varies and even the list of required papers they’ve given me in the police was not correct. So I had to learn it on-the-go and hope that it could help you now.

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7-min-workout Experiment and more

In the beginning of June I was looking for ways to incorporate sport and healthier choices into my life and I ran across an article about the high-intensity 7 minute workout that has been making its way through the world, with scientists saying this little time spent exercising can be just as effective as an hour of running. And I thought to myself – why not make an experiment? If I can’t commit to spending 7 minutes a day for exercises, what good can I say about myself? Simultaneously, I started reading about healthy diets for reducing body fat and boosting my metabolism.

Little exercise is much better than no exercise at all – every day is an opportunity to start changing

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Immigration to Canada: Interview & Quebec Selection Certificate

Hey there, I’m back with another piece of my immigration process story.

Initial application and documents required: Read Here

In October 2011 I received a letter confirming the registration of my file. This is a sad part – despite my expectations on the process timeline (interview invitation usually arrives 8-10 months after the file registration), my invitation came only (!) in March 2013 or 17 months later. To be honest, by that time I lost most of my hope to ever get any communication from Canadian government, and was thinking about looking for other options on immigration. Of course, I was beyond happy when I received that e-mail. They told me my interview was scheduled for June, 6th 2013.

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How 10 minutes a day of exercises can lead to a GREAT change

There comes a moment for most of us in life, when we decide we are not satisfied with what we see in the mirror and we can’t blame it anymore on our mother-nature. No matter how many kilo 5 or 25 you want to lose, no matter how unhealthy your lifestyle was yesterday, you can start changing today!

Two months ago I told myself that I want to be healthier and stronger! No more dieting, no more restricting meal plans that only make you feel miserable. No more blaming myself. I needed a rational way to incorporate healthier choices and sport in my life. Former professional tennis player, I dropped sport long time ago. Then there were my weak attempts to start doing yoga at a nearest yoga studio, then I bought a 1-year fitness club subscription but only went there 10 or 15 times. There always was an explanation: too far, too expensive, too cold in the swimming pool, not clean enough, I’m too tired after work, no I can’t go to gym at 7 am before work, oh, I lost 3 kilo this month and have my perfect weight so why would I go to the gym, I don’t have time, I don’t have time, I don’t have time for it. I would always look at pictures of fit women and think – well, she has a good metabolism, genetics, too much free time or any other empty excuses. This year I made myself change. First the change happened in my head, then in my body. Continue reading

Immigration to Canada: Application for Quebec Selection Certificate

Oh, Canada!

My road to getting Canadian Permanent Residence started in 2011 and it took me almost exactly 3 years to get the landing visa and become eligible to enter Canada as an immigrant and later receive my 5-year PR card. And while there are many websites and blogs that provide you with a detailed documents checklist and right ways of filling out those forms, I would like to share the timelines of this process, how I stayed in contact with the immigration offices, what did go wrong, and of course preparations for landing, possible issues at the border and first steps I took after coming to Canada.

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