Carrot Loaf Bread or Carrot Cake: Have it your way :)

Interesting thing with pictures of my Carrot cakes this month – first one was a delicious two-layer cake with cream cheese frosting…  pictures of which unfortunately vanished all-together with the last 2 months of data on my iPhone when I was installing the new iOS. That cake was ultimately sweet, carrot-y with a hint of spice and no butter used in the recipe, but it was gigantic for our small household of two people :) But if that is what you’re looking for, jump right to the end of the post.

Carrot Loaf Cake with Walnuts and Raisins

Since that cake was so big and sweet, I was looking for an alternative. I’ve made a couple of my favourite Banana Loaf Breads this month and I thought why not make a Carrot Loaf Bread too? Don’t be fooled by the word “bread” – somehow bread vs. cake always wins the “healthy” contest even though the ingredients might be almost same :) But in this recipe I cut back on the sugar, added apple juice, swaped 1/3 white flour with whole wheat and I find that this carrot bread is good on its own without any frosting, especially for those like me who’s watching fats in their diets.  I accidentally deleted photos of the batter preparations and was going to at least take a picture of this beautiful and bright carrot loaf cake in the morning, but we had some friends over for tea in the evening and I felt like asking them to put the pieces down for a photo was a bit rude :D So all what was left of it by morning were these two pieces! Well, it is an easy recipe and the method is pretty straight forward. Give it a try if you’re craving a spiced carrot cake with walnuts and raisins.

One more good thing I discovered about Carrot Cake this month – you can bake it in advance for a special event, freeze it and later defrost it and decorate with a frosting of your choice.

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