Sunday Brunch Crepes

How about thin, soft and delicious buttery crepes that don’t get dry or crunchy, fold perfectly and don’t tear? Use this recipe to make a delicious weekend brunch treat for yourself and family and serve with sweet and savory fillings of your choice!

Thin Crepes

Thin Buttery Crepes

They are called French Crêpes or Russian Pancakes, with a vast variety of recipes, with milk or water, with butter or oil, with different kinds of flour and different amount of sugar. The ingredients are so simple you’d be surprised that you probably always have everything in your kitchen to make them without preparing in advance.

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Good start of the day: Zucchini Fritata

Zucchini Fritata for Breakfast

Zuchinna Fritata

Until not very long time ago I belonged to that group of people, who only ate breakfast in hotels on a trip, or at work when I was working in a coffee shop and had an option of starting my day with freshly made granola and home-made yogurt. But most of the time I didn’t care to make myself breakfast in the morning at home, moreover I felt like if I eat in the morning (or until 2-3 pm for that matter), I would feel more hungry throughout the day. Oh, how wrong was I! After I started my 7-min workouts that turned into 15-20 min of daily exercises, I have completely changed my eating habits. Now I understand that eating a healthy breakfast gives you energy for the whole day, gives you strength for exercises and eliminates late-night food cravings after a light dinner.

So, here is an option for breakfast that can be cooked and eaten fresh or prepared in the evening the day before – Fritata with Zucchini.

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