Easy & Tasty: Sugar-free Banana Muffins

Banana Muffins Sugar-free

Hi there, I’m back with my banana-nut obsession this summer. These gorgeous sugar-free banana muffins will go very well with your cup of coffee in the morning! And as usual the recipe is easy to make and low in sugar :)

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Banana Bread with Glazed Pecans

Banana Bread with Glazed Pecans

It’s Monday and new week calls for healthier recipes for those who can’t live without sweets and pasty like me, but wants to stay in shape. Ok, I will not tell you that this is the best banana bread you’ve ever tasted because everybody has a different taste, but I can promise you it is really good! Combination of almonds, oats, pecans and bananas in right proportion gives you a better, healthier option for breakfast. Glazed pecans here are used for decoration and for sweeter taste but feel free to drop it as well as dark chocolate chips. I was baking it for the whole family and somebody is simply refusing to eat low-sugar foods so I had to compromise :)

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