Difficulties in a life of a Yabanci: Go work or Get married


This donkey is also very upset with bureaucracy in Turkey

It was about time to apply for the prolongation of my Turkish short-term residence permit. Time seems to fly – just recently I had to go through this process and you can read here about the application and the ID card. I’ve been told that I can re-apply 60 days before the expiration date of my kimlik. We went to the local Yabancılar Şube and were told that I can apply for 1 year now instead of initial 6 months. I was beyond happy.

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Lost in translation


My relationship with Turkish language in the last couple of months went to the “it’s complicated” kind of state. Or to the “animal” phase if you please – when you understand, but can’t talk.

In the privacy of my own home or my own head for that matter I can make up grammatically correct sentences. I am the master of Turkish. I can communicate. I can make sense. I know so much. Next time I will be able to answer questions quickly and properly. and then… BOOM! Once I’m faced with a stranger who’s asking me something, I get confused, all of the words and tenses in my head mix up and I can only call what comes out of my mouth a gibberish. I am having a really hard time.

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Short-term residence permit in Turkey (ID card)

Turkish Resident permit (envelope)

With a little delay I’m glad to share that 1 month later after my application approval I received this pretty red envelope with a plastic ID card of the Turkish resident. The envelope also provided a paper brochure in different languages with explanations, rights and obligations under the ‘resident’ status.

Turkish Resident Permit

About the initial process, requirement, documents and difficulties in applying for a Turkish resident permit you can read here.

Glad to share this happy update and hope this info will help somebody :) Will gladly answer any questions related to this topic!

How to get Short-Term Residence Permit in Turkey

I read a lot of articles on the Internet telling how difficult it is to get a Residence Permit in Turkey, and I strongly disagree! :)

Comparing to other countries, the procedure and timeline is much much more shorter and easier, but it’s the absence of system whatsoever that creates chaos and makes you feel like you’re facing the most difficult and tangled foreign system in the world. But hold on, and after you will receive your paper permit just 2 weeks after you application, I am sure you will not complain anymore :)

I will give you the list of documents required to apply for the short-term residence permit in Bursa, Turkey as of August 2014. The thing is that information on websites varies and even the list of required papers they’ve given me in the police was not correct. So I had to learn it on-the-go and hope that it could help you now.

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Immigration to Canada: Interview & Quebec Selection Certificate

Hey there, I’m back with another piece of my immigration process story.

Initial application and documents required: Read Here

In October 2011 I received a letter confirming the registration of my file. This is a sad part – despite my expectations on the process timeline (interview invitation usually arrives 8-10 months after the file registration), my invitation came only (!) in March 2013 or 17 months later. To be honest, by that time I lost most of my hope to ever get any communication from Canadian government, and was thinking about looking for other options on immigration. Of course, I was beyond happy when I received that e-mail. They told me my interview was scheduled for June, 6th 2013.

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Immigration to Canada: Application for Quebec Selection Certificate

Oh, Canada!

My road to getting Canadian Permanent Residence started in 2011 and it took me almost exactly 3 years to get the landing visa and become eligible to enter Canada as an immigrant and later receive my 5-year PR card. And while there are many websites and blogs that provide you with a detailed documents checklist and right ways of filling out those forms, I would like to share the timelines of this process, how I stayed in contact with the immigration offices, what did go wrong, and of course preparations for landing, possible issues at the border and first steps I took after coming to Canada.

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