About me


My dream job would be to get paid for traveling around the world. My hobby would be to write all about it.

I flew on an airplane for the first time when I was 2 years old and it was definitely not my favourite thing to do.. until I was 18 and discovered that if I wanted to see the world, I would have to get over that fear. Year after that and until now airports became my favourite places – wonderful tingling of anticipation before traveling or waiting for that special person to meet you in the “Arrivals” section.

Born in Donetsk, Ukraine, lived in Switzerland, went through immigration process to Montreal, Canada to become a permanent resident, and right now living in Turkey and exploring things around here:)

I moved 14 times in 7 years, and 6 of them in 2014 :) Sometimes I get sad that most of my stuff is now packed in boxes at my mom’s, but then again I remember that true freedom and happiness do not require any materialistic confirmation.

I’m living the life of my dreams, trying to think happy thoughts, be a good friend and a good daughter, remembering to say “Thank You” for wonderful things happening in my life. Some people get annoyed with my constant state of happiness and confidence, but I know it works – you just have to want something strong enough to overcome your laziness and start moving towards your goals. Speed is not important, movement and motivation are.

I’m passionate about baking and in this blog I will share my favourite recipes and tips on quick and easy baking that doesn’t require any special equipment but still makes delicious sweets that all your friends and family will absolutely love. Local Turkish recipes, especially thin layered pastry, will follow soon too, when I will taste enough different foods here to be bold enough and try it myself :)

And of course I want to share my experiences and tips on traveling to the cities and countries that I have already visited and the ones I plan to travel to in the future :) And I hope to use any free time I have to write about it!