Tuesday-disaster, or just… yabanci

A minute of self-pity, self-humor and whatever else you want to call it.

About learning Turkish and having no success.

So last week I was shopping for jeans, since I got a bit tired of all skinny ones from before looking now all baggy and loose. After millions of pairs that I tried on… well, actually there were only 7-8 of the smallest size I found in shop, I found ones that fit me perfectly.

Side note: this post is not about clothes or shopping
Side note 2: when my size was M I always complained that it was ‘the average’ size that got sold out the fastest. Now I’m XS-S and you know what? I can’t seem to find the right size either. And some of my girlfriends told me that large sizes are not easy to find too. The question is – are we just programmed for complain? Is there a shopping villain in each store that hides clothes of the size that YOU’re looking for?!

Anyway, I was so excited about my newly found jeans that I got dressed quickly, went to pay and forgot my leggings in the dressing room. Well, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t leggings-pants, it was the ones I wear under jeans in winter due to my constant cold-intolerance.

Me being me, I only thought about it at home (jumping quickly from a warm shopping mall into the car I didn’t feel cold) and decided it was a waste of time to drive back.

Today I was in the neighborhood and had some free time, so I decided to stop by and ask if by any chance my leggings were waiting for me at the lost&found (which of course I thought they don’t have:D).

I pump myself up for talking, walk bravely to a shop-worker and tell her my story in few short Turkish sentences that sound a bit grammatically incorrect but the nice lady seems to understand me quickly and then asks – “What day exactly were you here? Because all of the forgotten stuff is being sorted out by days”.

And now is my royal moment! … in which I DONT remember how to say Tuesday in Turkish.

My mind spins. Mardi? French. I remember it sounds so simple.. Is it close to Mardi? Damn it, forget about mardi, think Turkish!

Dienstag? Whaaat? Where did this come from?

The lady is patiently looking at me while I’m trying to look as if I’m trying to remember the day. Actually, as I’m trying to remember name of the day!!!

I quietly whisper “tuesday?..” hoping for a magical moment when Universe turns upsidedown and people start speaking one unified language on this planet. As the girl stares blankly at me and doesn’t say anything back, I simply say gerçekten bilmyorum (I don’t know, really). She sadly waives her head from side to side, tells me she’ll go check and couple of minutes later comes back telling she couldn’t find it.

I leave the shop, get in the car and 15 minutes later BOOM – SALI!!! It was salı (Tuesday). The day that goes after pazartesi that goes after pazar (which was easy to remember cause it’s a market or bazaar day) that goes after… Well, you get the picture. The words ARE in my head, just not always when I really really need them.


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