Home workouts – #bootylicious edition

Fitness thigh butt exercises

At the end of April I have reengaged in my weekly workouts at home. I do not focus on HIIT anymore. Last year a combination of 7-min bodyweight workouts and a drastic change in my eating habits had helped me to lose around 10 kilos and ever since, I feel great.

Now I am more concentrated on toning my legs and glutes and hopefully building some muscle in the area. It is only the 3rd week of my new training (2-3 times per week, 25-30 minutes), but I feel how every week the same exercises and reps become easier to perform, so even though there’s no visual result yet, I can tell it is working.

Building muscles takes time, heavy weights and proper eating. And under  supervision of an expert trainer, especially in the beginning. But first I want to see what results I can achieve at home. After doing some research on various exercises, I came to following conclusions:

  • Warm up before your workout
  • Perform every exercise to the maximum. Until it burns so much you want to stop. Then do 1-2 reps more
  • After you REALLY can’t take the burn anymore, freeze in the exercise position for 5,10,15 sec. As much as you can. You booty will thank you later.
  • Choose 2 sets of 10-15 reps rather than 1 set of 30. Increase reps and sets as your muscles tone
  • Perform all exercises slowly to fully work/stress the muscle
  • When doing squats, try to go below parallel
  • Training and toning legs (quads, hamstrings) is easier than glutes, so you should add a couple of exercises that focuses solely on glutes.
  • If the muscle that exercise is focused on doesn’t burn then you’re doing something wrong
  • Stretch after workout
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day (my best advice for everything :D)

About that weight.

Bodyweight exercises are great to do at home, BUT without any added weight you will soon feel that you your routine will get too easy. What do I do? I have a set of 2×3 kg dumbbells. For exercises like donkey kicks (which are very beneficial for glute muscles!) I put and squeeze a dumbbell under my knee. It is not the most comfortable thing but it does the job. I hold dumbbells when doing all types of lunges and squats and I use it as an added weight for hip bridge and elevated hip thrusts.

I have also just ordered a set of resistance bands. You can google it and see how many exercises you can use it for when working out at home. I am sure I will find a lot of use for it.

Also, for glute exercises such as: lying hip abduction, donkey kicks, kick back, variations of leg raises, fire hydrants etc, I am thinking of ordering ankle weights, preferably extendable for the future.

Some links for you to take a look at different exercises and workouts you can easily do at home:

Great bodyweight home workout – 10 minute of firing glute exercises that will BURN

Short and sweet workout from Natalie Jill with a bench/chair for legs and glutes

Selection of 37 best butt exercises – bodyweight, with resistance bands and with dumbbells. You really DO have a choice :)

P.S. These images make me laugh and cry simultaneously the next day after exercises :D

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