Pazar pazarı

While in Turkey one simply must take advantage of the street markets. In some cities they emerge in different areas on different days of the week and then there is pazar pazarı (Sunday market) and here, in Turkey, I made my habit to visit the market weekly and stock on fresh local fruits and veggies. To be honest, the market is literally 100 meters away from our home so it might have helped me with motivation :D

Reasons to go: Obviously because everything is fresh. It is much cheapER. Where do you find fresh baby spinach for 2,5-3TL = 1.2$ per kilo? And 1 kilo of spinach is A LOT, you know.  The choice is wide – from fresh greens and amazingly tasty and juicy tomatoes to fresh olives and various types of cheeses to fresh fish and seafood. And of course heavenly sweet strawberries :) I adore going to the market just for the sake of breaking the daily the routine and seeing the locals and neighbors. And also for fresh simit (a kind of Turkish bagel) and boiled corn with salt and butter they sell to-go in-between food stands. This is where I stock up on supplies for my granola – dried fruits, nuts, condiments and honey from the village. By the way, the prices are 2-3 times cheaper than at the supermarket for this kind of foods. Since I moved to Turkey, I’ve become a big fan of ıhlamur çayı (linden tea) and weekly market is a great place find it, packed in 100 gr plastic bags, the price for it goes as low as 2TL versus 7-8TL in the supermarket. We also buy fresh small fish from time to time as a treat for our turtles :) Thanks to the wide variety of citrus fruits here, I think my vitamin C level has never been as high. Oranges and mandarins here seem to have a very loooooong season, and I eat it all the time. Actually, last year I’ve probably eaten way too many mandarins because one day my teeth started hurting and my dentist said I needed a citrus-detox for a couple of weeks :D I can’t help it! When I was 7 or 8 my grandmother left me in the room with a 3 kilo bag of mandarins and went to cook dinner only to find me half an hour later with an empty bag, lots of mandarin skins on the floor and a happy smiling face that immediately  started to get red from the citrus rush (em, what do you call that?) :D Well, I hope I convinced you to go look for your local market next weekend in your city in Turkey :)


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