Downsides of weigh-loss

So I lost some weight and got in shape. Great, isn’t it? Yes, except for these little annoying facts. If you can relate, drop me a comment :)

“Please, eat something”.

Eat somethingPeople have been telling me to eat more or trying to feed me with junk food for 5 months now. My explanations that I eat more or less healthy, that I eat whatever I want from time to time, that I eat a lot of proteins and have a good breakfast every day simply don’t work. My other explanation that good metabolism requires a lot of food, on a contrary from what people think, and that I’d rather have three meals during the day than having 3 plates of food for dinner and that I choose not to feel like a stuffed turkey don’t work too. One of my friend pointed out – the fact that I lost 10 kilo with just a little sport but mostly due to a big change in my eating habits make people uncomfortable! Because everybody knows – losing weight is difficult, so why should my example make them feel guilty for their laziness and lack of drive. I just need to eat more, go back to my old self and so the balance could be restored. 

New wardrobe.
Buy new jeansIf you’ve been moving from place to place and living out of the suitcase like I did for the most of last year, you will not have that special drawer with clothes waiting for slimmer better times . Everything suddenly became too big. And I mean everything! So unless you have some money stashed for a new wardrobe, be prepared to wear a belt to keep your jeans and pants from falling off, and replace your wardrobe step-by-step and season by season.

Feeling cold.
Get warmSo far this one is the worst outcome for me. I’ve been bad at surviving cold temperatures for all my life. I’m the person who sleeps in her socks for most of the year and who wears boots while everyone is still wearing sandals pumps. Hats, scarves, gloves and warm leggings are my best friends. Luckily, I live in Turkey now and enjoy mild climate and warm weather even in winter. But on my recent trip to snowy and cold Russia I found that it got much much worse for me now. I can not bear below zero temperatures anymore. And I’m not exaggerating! I was wearing my ski thermal underwear under jeans and sweaters and used my uggs as I-dont-care-you-cant-wear-those-to-a-meeting shoes while it was only -5 to -10 outside. My cold-intolerance got so bad that I wore two pairs of socks at home. No kidding. Beware.

Being picky.

Pick what you likeI’m not sure if this one is good or bad, actually. After eating properly and getting a great physical form, sometimes I simply can’t order whatever my taste buds are calling for and so I obey and go with a healthier and safer choice. And in fast food (yes, I eat junk burgers and fries once a month) I can only go for smaller portions – otherwise I’d feel like that stuffed turkey and that’s not desirable :)

Loosing curves.
DO squats

No, I’m not even going to talk about this one. Squat-lunge-lift-squat and in a couple of months it’ll be better and also tighter than before :D.



The enlightenment.

Keep calm and shut upSuddenly you feel you have the knowledge everybody needs. You want people to understand your philosophy about healthy eating and short home workouts, you want people to follow your example and get fitter and stronger, but unfortunately not everyone is ready to hit this road of change. So sometimes, it is better to write about it in your blog rather than annoying your friends to the point all they want to do is feed you (see point 1).


Afterall it’s all worth it. Your true friends and family will be happy and proud for you and those jealous co-workers will tell you to ‘eat something’ while secretly admiring your willpower or gossiping that it’s only because of your genes, that you were born with a good metabolism or any other excuses we tell ourselves when we don’t want to accept the truth and start doing something useful for our bodies ;)

Keep calm and Be yourself

xo xo


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