Sport, Healthier choices and Weight loss

To start changing… you have to start changing! As easy as it gets. Old habits will not bring you to new results. Yes, there are things you’ll have to sacrifice – pastry, sugar, fried potatoes, alcohol… But the good news is you don’t have to forget about those forever! I LOVE CHOCOLATE! No, you don’t get it, I can exchange all of the food in the world for chocolate cookie or a piece of chocolate sponge cake, so believe me I know how to fight the urge to eat the whole box of chocolate cookies in one sitting, in the evening, in front of TV. And I LOVE french fries too. But I hate what it does to my body.

It will take at least 2 months for people around you to see the great change in you.

But it will take only 7-10 first days for YOU to start seeing it.

Fried chicken, strawberries, tomatoes, rocket salad, sunflower seeds
Fried chicken, strawberries, tomatoes, rocket salad, sunflower seeds


  • I started my 7-min-workout exercises in June and continued daily for 2-2,5 months. Well, let’s say 25 days a month on average due to traveling.
  • Then, I increased my training time to a max of 25 min 6 times per week with a set of 2×2 dumbbells.
  • How did I make myself exercise? Simple – I MADE MYSELF do it!
  • Those first 3 months were the hardest because I made major changes in my food.
  • Yes, I ate a piece of home-made banana bread or muffin or a chocolate granola bar IN THE MORNING and NOT EVERY DAY with my coffee.
Sugar-free Banana Muffins
Sugar-free Banana Muffins
  • In 3 months I ate fast-food 2 or 3 times. And I don’t drink SODA. Almost never.
  • I didn’t eat in the evening at least 4 hours before I went to bed.
  • It was really HARD to say NO all the time when people around offer me food I shouldn’t eat or drinks I shouldn’t drink.
Salad, tomato, cucember and crackers. With a piece of brown bread.
Salad, tomatoes, cucumber and crackers. With a piece of brown bread.
  • I drank 1,5 l of water on average during the day.
  • In first months my equipment was ONLY my bodyweight! hmmm.. well, and also floor, mat, shorts and couple of t-shirts :)
  • If I went out I DIDN’T drink cocktails, I opted for dry wine.
  • If I went out I fought the urge to order chicken wings with fries on the side, I opted  for salad with duck or fried chicken breasts (no breadcrumbs or any other coating!)
Salad with tomato, cucumber, bell peper, fresh mushroom, sunflower seeds and oil-mustard dressing

Salad with tomato, cucumber, bell peper, fresh mushroom, sunflower seeds and oil-mustard dressing

  • Or a steak! Now, whenever you don’t know what to eat, EAT STEAK!
  • I increased my protein intake and majorly decreased fats in my food. Did you know that mushrooms are a great source of protein too?
  • I lost 6 kilo by the end of July, and 8 by the end of September. By ONLY introducing clean eating and a very little HIIT exercise in my life.
  • My metabolism changed drastically, I could feel it after just a month – what does that mean in a bigger picture? Well, in October I only trained for 10 days and I had more “CHEAT” days than healthy days, BUT because of the efforts during previous 4 months I didn’t see much change. But if you want to keep your form you have to keep your diet clean and exercise consistently! Do understand, My CHEAT day means I’m adding melted garlic-butter-parsley mix to my oven-rosted vegetables or eat a PIECE of CHOCOLATE cake, it doesn’t mean that I will spray MAYO on white bread and eat it with a whole large pizza :)
  • In general my most important advice is – don’t create restrictions, don’t starve yourself, treat yourself to some of your favourite sweets sometimes, but make sure that’s a TREAT, not a daily habit.
  • I never eat TOO MUCH anymore! I forgot about that feeling when you eat so much you can hardly move.
  • I don’t drink much. 2-3 glasses of wine a week. Max. And I didn’t drink any alcohol for 4 weeks in September.
  • I didn’t and I don’t sweat at the gym like crazy and I don’t run. BUT my daily exercises are INTENSE!!!

Apparently, there’s a lot of good and healthy food out there, you should care enough for look for it and make HEALTHY CHOICES.


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