Exercise of the Week: Squats

It has been a long week and I feel bad to say I forgot about my home workouts for the whole week. We were moving to a new flat and I simply didn’t have time or energy to exercise due to all the cleaning, moving furniture, grocery shopping, furniture shopping, home appliances shopping etc. But I think I burnt some good calories this week anyway. Let me tell you that because for 3 previous months I kept doing my exercises daily and eating healthy, this week of a setback didn’t really show on my body.

Now, in a new home and in the beginning of a new week, I’m back to my daily routine and this week’s favourite exercise is S-Q-U-A-T-S. It used to be said that squats are mainly male exercise but gladly for us the sports fashion changed and now most of the training websites, videos and Instagram pages are flooded with motivational pictures of round sexy butts to motivate us and start doing squats :)


My experience – yes, it really works! Squats and lunges are really the best for toning and training muscles for your behind to look in shape. And even if you’ve never felt it before, believe me, after a month or two you will be surprised to feel that muscle and it will be getting stronger.

So what are the squat exercises that you can do at home?

  • Bodyweight squats
  • Dumbbell squats
  • Sumo squats
  • Plie squats
  • Bodyweight jump squats
  • Plie squats with coming back up on your toes
  • Chair squats

No too bad, ha? Make sure to add squats to your daily exercises – for the past month I’ve been doing dumbbell and plie squats mostly, 30-40 reps each. It doesn’t take long time, but it works and if you’re consistent with your workouts the results will show!

Fit + healthy body = POSITIVE and happy mind

As well as with lunges, while you’re doing squats make sure your keep a proper form, shoulders up, head up looking straight, keep your back straight too and make sure your knee doesn’t go over the toe, as well make sure you push yourself back up with a heel and not toe.

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Illustration of workouts are created with WorkoutLabs.com – a useful and powerful tool to creating, downloading and printing out your workout routines.


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