Exercise of the Week: Lunges


Lunges seem so easy to do at first, but.. killed my legs yesterday with Reverse Curtsy Lunges. What IS this exercise? 2 minutes without a break made me feel like I ran half an hour on a treadmill! I’m definitely adding them to my daily HIIT routine.

Standing with feet hip-width apart make a reverse lunge by taking a wide step back and touching the floor with your knee, come back to the starting position and this time take a wide step diagonally back, stepping back and to the side, crossing your bending leg behind your standing leg, slowly bend your knees and lower you body down until you touch the floor with your knee again.

When you’re doing lunges, you’re working on your leg muscles, butt and also engaging core muscles and abs when balancing out your body weight in a lunge position.

Fit + healthy body = POSITIVE and happy mind

There are so many variation of this exercise and you can add weights to challenge yourself. Side lunge, walking lunge, reverse, with a twist, jumping lunge, lunge with a lift and other!

When doing lunges make sure your keep a proper form, shoulders up, head up looking straight, keep your back straight too and make sure your knee doesn’t go over the toe, as well make sure you push yourself back up with a heel and not toe.


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