7-min-workout Experiment and more

In the beginning of June I was looking for ways to incorporate sport and healthier choices into my life and I ran across an article about the high-intensity 7 minute workout that has been making its way through the world, with scientists saying this little time spent exercising can be just as effective as an hour of running. And I thought to myself – why not make an experiment? If I can’t commit to spending 7 minutes a day for exercises, what good can I say about myself? Simultaneously, I started reading about healthy diets for reducing body fat and boosting my metabolism.

Little exercise is much better than no exercise at all – every day is an opportunity to start changing

I downloaded an app for my iPhone and started my everyday short trainings. I didn’t have a chair or bench to use, so 2 exercises out of 13 – step-up onto chair and triceps dip – I substituted with other ones as well as push-ups with rotation because the last one seemed too hard for me. I went online, looked through different fitness workout videos to do at home and selected a range of 15-20 exercises to substitute in my 7-minute-workout. That way I made it more interesting for myself so I wouldn’t get bored with the same daily routine.

My 7-min-workout 1 My 7-min-workout 2

First 3 weeks I exercised everyday for 7 minutes (30 sec each exercise with 10 sec rest in between). For next two weeks I did 45 sec each exercise with 10 sec rest in between, and then moved to 60 sec each exercise with 15 sec rest. I felt very proud of myself the first time I did 1 min of each exercises – that containing 3 different plank variations – elbow plank and two side planks on each side. It was still difficult and the last 10 second were a real struggle but I could feel that my core was getting stronger.

Two months later I added a set of 2x2kg dumbbells to my lunges and squats variations because the routine was becoming too easy. Lastly, for the past 2 weeks I started mixing up my daily workouts with the ones found on YouTube channel of Natalie Jill and her Body Sculpt workout routines on Abs to Zen YouTube channel.

Overall, I don’t exercise for more than 25-30 minutes a day and all of the exercises can be easily done at home, in the park or anywhere you can roll out your fitness mat. I do my workouts on average 6 times per week – some days due to traveling between cities and countries I really don’t find an appropriate space for training.

My results so far of little sport and healthy eating: minus 6 kilo weight, visibly toned arm, abs and thighs muscles, minus 6 cm in waist and 9 cm in hips. Isn’t that great? With only little effort and in less than three months.

Planks and exercises based on planks seem to be very effective – you work on multiple target areas at the same time, they are intense, help your core to be stronger, train your abs and legs, help achieving a better posture.

Exercises to add to your workouts – legs, butt, core and abs:

Exercises to add to your workouts - 1Exercises to add to your workouts - 2
  • Be consistent in your choices and exercises to see results
  • Don’t create excuses, look for strength inside of you to exercise
  • Don’t give up if you’ve had a little set back – every day is an opportunity to start changing
  • Read the descriptions – check how much sugar that “healthy” granola bar REALLY has
  • It doesn’t matter how long are your trainings, as long as they are regular and intense
  • When your muscles burn – that’s when it’s working
  • Eat clean, drink lots of water and exercise
  • Don’t create restrictions, don’t starve yourself, treat yourself to some of your favourite sweets sometimes, but make sure that’s a treat, not a daily habit
  • Don’t blame people or circumstances – you are responsible for your body and your choices
  • Little exercise is much better than no exercise at all. Remember that and feel proud of yourself even after 15 min of intense training
  • Don’t drink sweet cocktails and liquors, drink a glass of dry wine instead
  • Every food or drink that is too sweet, bubbly and shows an artificial color has a lot of harmful chemicals in it
  • Eat regularly and eat breakfast to boost your metabolism
  • Eat more meat and vegetables and less carbs
  • Fit + healthy body = clear and happy mind

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Illustration of workouts are created with WorkoutLabs.com – a useful and powerful tool to creating, downloading and printing out your workout routines.


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