How 10 minutes a day of exercises can lead to a GREAT change

There comes a moment for most of us in life, when we decide we are not satisfied with what we see in the mirror and we can’t blame it anymore on our mother-nature. No matter how many kilo 5 or 25 you want to lose, no matter how unhealthy your lifestyle was yesterday, you can start changing today!

Two months ago I told myself that I want to be healthier and stronger! No more dieting, no more restricting meal plans that only make you feel miserable. No more blaming myself. I needed a rational way to incorporate healthier choices and sport in my life. Former professional tennis player, I dropped sport long time ago. Then there were my weak attempts to start doing yoga at a nearest yoga studio, then I bought a 1-year fitness club subscription but only went there 10 or 15 times. There always was an explanation: too far, too expensive, too cold in the swimming pool, not clean enough, I’m too tired after work, no I can’t go to gym at 7 am before work, oh, I lost 3 kilo this month and have my perfect weight so why would I go to the gym, I don’t have time, I don’t have time, I don’t have time for it. I would always look at pictures of fit women and think – well, she has a good metabolism, genetics, too much free time or any other empty excuses. This year I made myself change. First the change happened in my head, then in my body.

It will take at least 2 months for people around you to see the great change in you.
But it will take only 7-10 first days for YOU to start seeing it.

I don’t have a mind-blowing transformation story, because I didn’t have much weight to lose in the first place, but I can share the change that I see happening everyday and how healthier body leads to more brighter, clear and positive way of seeing other things that are not related to food or sport. Your goal should not be only about weight loss, it should be simpler:

I want to be healthier & feel confident in my own body

I started with only 10 minutes of exercises a day, lost 5 kilo in 2 months, but mostly I am proud that my body now looks more fit, skin is tighter, I said good-bye to cellulite and got some muscles on my arms and abs. I still have a long way to go, but maybe the way I started changing will help some of you and you’ll join me on this wonderful journey. I will make a short series of posts with exercises and some food options for a better body image.

Is this your story too? Are you at the beginning of your healthy lifestyle experience just like me? Share your stories and let’s be proud of our choices together!


4 thoughts on “How 10 minutes a day of exercises can lead to a GREAT change

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