How to survive 12’000 km of traveling in a week

Seems like I did the impossible in the past week. Well, at least that’s how it feels.

8 days, 550 km train ride, 1120 km in the car and 11200 km of flights between continents and countries. Plus countless hours in taxis and buses, waiting in the airport for boarding, carrying suitcases, not having enough sleep, jet-lag and enormous fatigue. How did I manage to attend my friend’s wedding meanwhile to help her in the pre-wedding chaos and still stay happy, look alive and pretty on the pictures? Well, now I can share some tips that help me to get through a crazy traveling week.

Get comfortable! Buy your own silicone pillow – it really does make those short naps on the road more comfortable. Pack your carry-on bag with a warm thin jacket or loose pullover that can be easily folded and doesn’t take much space, and is preferably made from natural materials (no matter how hot it is in your departure city it will get chilly on the plane). Alternatively bring your own thin small plaid or blanket. Yes, some airlines provide blankets on boards, but most of them are synthetic and some of the are not so clean. And I never worry about what other people will think about me as long as I’m warm and comfortable.

Bring snacks! Whether you have a long trip on train or plane ahead of you, even though you can always buy food there directly, I wouldn’t cheat myself with those snack. This week on the flights from Istanbul to Moscow we were given so-called “healthy” granola and cranberry bars – each bar of 37 g contained 12 g (!!!) of sugar! Talk about healthy diet… So if you’re watching your weight and selecting low-sugar foods then do yourself a favor and stop by a supermarket beforehand and pick something that suits you from the wide selection of products. If it will take you a long time to get to the airport – a long taxi ride or city center-to airport express train, bring along a banana or an apple, or any other fruit you prefer that is easy to carry and eat. Don’t forget that airplane traveling only seems to be so fast – yes, some of my flights took only 3 hours but in total the time spent in both airports, including waiting for the luggage, was 5.5 hours on average.

Drink!keepcalmdrinkwater It has been said million times already and I will say it again – drink water. Always drink water. Keep calm and drink water :) Staying hydrated is really important not only when traveling, don’t forget about those 2 litres of water we have to drink every day for our healthy skin, health, weight loss, digestion, beautiful body, sober and clear mind etc etc. Also you can drink green tea and coffee with milk (but not too much!) and freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. I would personally prefer coffee with low-fat milk to a bottled juice again for the reason of not knowing what’s really inside the bottle. And don’t drink alcohol when you’re traveling and the day before – it’s the worst that you can do to your body and face.

Stay organized! Remember, if you’re planning a long trip, chances are you will not get enough sleep and moreover if traveling across continents and time-zones you will be probably irritated and grumpy. At least it always happens to me. What’s the solution? Prepare yourself for traveling e.g. – check-in for everything you can check in for online at home, print your boarding passes and save some time instead of getting annoyed while waiting in the queue. All the customs control all over the world require almost the same things – take your computer/tablet/phone out and put in a separate plastic box, take off your belt and shoes if they have any metal parts, don’t bring any liquids exceeding 100ml etc. But you knew that already, right? :) If so, then pack your hand luggage the way you can easily follow these instructions – after all you’re spending your time trying to fit your laptop in the purse that clearly doesn’t have enough space. Think about little things in advance – for example bring some medicines that you mind need in case of emergency and put it in the side pocket of your carry-on bag, put a pack of wipes in your bag – you never know, last week someone spilt tomato juice on me on the plane and I easily and quickly saved my pants from continuing the rest of that trip with a big nasty spot or even worst from having to take them off in that smallest washroom in the world and wash it, while being afraid of turbulence.

Be reasonable! Unless your trip requires (!) you to wear a certain business attire, please don’t wear skinny clothes and high-heels. My heart bleeds when I see THAT in the airports around the world. Stay comfortable for your own sake first. If you have a transcontinental flight it would be better not to use make-up and not torture your skin that already suffers from stress of being so high about the ground with abnormal air pressure. Better to pack a small travel make-up bag with essentials and put on make up just before landing or in the washroom while waiting for the luggage. If you are traveling with a shoulder bag as carry-on luggage – pack only the most important things because don’t forget you will have to carry it along all those corridors in airports and your neck and shoulder will hurt the next day if you pack lots of useless heavy stuff.

And most importantly, as usual, stay happy!


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